GINTAS TOURSIM BECOME A HOLIDAY ANGEL With our TURSAB approved HOLIDAY ANGEL certificate, we guarantee you a reliable service.) Health Tourism Gintas continues to strengthen Turkey's power in health tourism with its quality services in the field of transportation, accommodation and treatment in health tourism. For More Information Flight Tickets Our agency GINTAŞ TOURISM, with its group A Certificate, an member of IATA, will be happy to serve you 24/7 for all your individual and corporate travel requests with its 30 years of experience in the sector and its experienced staff in the flight ticket sales department. For More Information Fast Train Tickets Our agency, which is currently a TCDD dealer, has been a "High Speed Train Ticket Sales" point since 2014. It is enough to call our agency for information and ticket sales. For More Information Airport Transfer Individuals or institutions that buy their plane or high speed train ticket from Gintas Tourism are provided by our company with the latest model vehicles, with prices very close to the cost, within the framework of customer satisfaction. For More Information Hajj & Umrah Organization Our company, which is an organization of the Turkish Religious Foundation, does not directly provide pilgrimage and umrah services, but supports the Hajj and Umrah services carried out by the Presidency of Religious Affairs. If you decide to go on this holy journey, you can perform this worship with the pilgrimage and Umrah organization carried out by the Presidency of Religious Affairs. For More Information Hotel Accommodation and Organization Our agency, which started its operations in 1991, carries out its activities in the field of tourism and travel at the standards of Class A travel agencies. Our agency has been holding IATA, TURSAB and Ministry of Tourism 'A' Group Travel Agency Operating Certificate since 1991. For More Information



Gintas Tourism and Travel Agency, operating within our company KOMAS A.Ş, which is an establishment of the Turkish Religious Foundation, started its operations on July 30, 1991 by obtaining A Group Temporary Tourism Operation Certificate from the Ministry of Tourism.

Our agency became the authorized domestic agency of Turkish Airlines in 1992 and was accepted as a member of IATA – International Air Transport Association (International Air Transport Association) on 01.09.1993 and has the authority to sell the tickets of all IATA member airlines. It also operates as the authorized agency of airlines such as ATLAS GLOBAL, SUN EXPRESS and PEGASUS HAVA YOLLARI.




Health Tourism or Medical tourism can be defined as travel abroad for the purpose of improving, maintaining or improving an individual’s health or well-being. It may not only be about treatment, but may also include activities you normally do on a vacation. Cosmetic or massage / SPA treatments are also considered as a part of health tourism / medical tourism.




Working According to Goals

To work with the goal of catching our vision by being faithful to our mission.

Being Customer Focused

To find the truth that meets the needs of our customers and to produce the most appropriate solutions.

Time and Quality Control

To complete the work under our responsibility in a timely and error-free manner without compromising on quality under any circumstances.


To ensure and improve the quality and continuity of our services

Legal Compliance

To act in accordance with laws and regulations.

Progress Tracking

To follow up every innovation in the sector and to follow up the implementation developments